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It’s a Colorful World


I am a commercial manager for a large multinational and a photographer at heart. In my work I travel a lot, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. I am inspired by people with a passion and try to reveal this one in my work. 


We can easily turn colored pictures into black and white. I know, this is just an illusion… If we fall asleep, we dream in colors. The world is colorful and so are we. Where ever we live, we are all colorful human beings with a colorful mind, thoughts and visions. That makes us who we are. Nevertheless, a black&white picture can add additional, and sometimes unexpected emotional colors to someones passion. 


I am passionate about people in world cities, speed and treasure my chill moments to rewind. Over the past years, I have tried to capture these passions. Via my website, I want to share these pictures and I hope they inspire you to further explore our Colorful World. 


And...if you want me to picture your passion, just reach out to me and let’s discuss if we can find a way to do so. 



Capturing the Passion

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